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As sure as wheels turn, bikes need fine-tuning from time to time. So it’s reassuring to know that a Shimano dealer is never far away. Whether you’re e-biking through your home town or hitting the hills somewhere in Europe, support is always around the corner.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Assistance is not being provided

Assist traveling distance is too short

What is the range of STEPS?

The range overview is different from my expectation?

The setting menu cannot be launched while riding the bicycle

Do I have to discharge the battery completely before recharging?

What is Error E012?

Q: The reason for E012 is the initialization of the torque sensor.
A: Don’t touch the pedals when switching on the e-bike. Check the chain tension. It should be possible to move the chain up and down 15 mm.

Q: Is there automatic shifting?
A: Yes. A firmware update will be available on 25-12-2015, which will provide automatic shifting for SHIMANO STEPS with the 8-speed Di2 hub.

Q: How can I upgrade from a mechanical 8-speed hub to a Di2 8-speed hub on a SHIMANO STEPS e-bike?
A: Please contact SHIMANO STEPS service.

Q: DST and ODO show wrong DATA. What can I do?
A: Please update the drive unit's firmware.

Q: Is SHIMANO STEPS compatible with coaster brakes?
A: Yes, a coaster brake version is available.

Q: Is Walk Assist available?
A: Yes. Please consult the user manual for how to operate.

Q: Where can I get technical information?
A: Please refer to your bike dealer or visit


Is it possible to disassemble the drive unit in order to repair something?

Q: For example replacing bottom bracket.
A: Do not disassemble the drive unit! Mechanical and electric parts have been tested under heavy conditions to achieve a long period of operation. In addition, the bottom bracket is made of proven Shimano quality.
Please contact your bike dealer if needed.


What should I do if there is noise coming from the DI2 hub?

Q: When shifting from gear 7 to gear 6 the hub rattles.
A: This noise is normal due to the changing planetary gear set.