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Unlock new rides and create new adventures with SHIMANO STEPS MTB.
Designed to give riders command over climbs, extend your riding potential,
and support you with a natural pedal feel.

What It's Like to Ride a Shimano STEPS e-MTB?

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How Long can a Shimano STEPS e-MTB Battery Last?

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Go further while saving energy


Easy handling

The drive unit accommodates frames with shorter chain stays to give STEPS MTB equipped bikes natural mountain bike handling like a normal MTB.

3 drive modes

The lightweight drive unit is controlled intuitively by a left-hand power mode switch with three settings (ECO, TRAIL and BOOST) for different types of terrain.

Battery life

The two battery types available (down-tube mounted and integrated) can be charged to 80% within two hours and 100% in five hours (battery life of 1,000 cycles).

Ergonomic shifting

Mud or sand, the gear hub shifts smoothly in any condition thanks to Di2. It briefly reduces power as shifts are made, so that changing gear is astonishingly smooth.

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Create your personal e-power assistant

The new STEPS MTB is going to change the way you hit the trails with its fully customizable power-assist settings! Both Boost and Trail Modes can be tailored to fit your riding style. Curious about the newest features?

SHIMANO STEPS MTB equipped e-bikes

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The system

Your ticket to freedom

Experience freedom like never before. It’s simple really. Only a system designed specifically for mountain bikes can give you a truly new riding experience. With SHIMANO STEPS MTB, handling corners quickly and getting the front up for obstacles is a breeze. The system gives you more support for easy climbing. It’s lightweight for easy handling. And it levels the field for riders of all skill levels. It has greater support for higher cadence and still makes your ride feel completely natural. With this system, personal limitations are a thing of the past, experience ultimate freedom! 


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The Rebuilder


One of the most respected proverbs in mountain biking - and one of the most loosely followed - is “no dig, no ride.” When your favorite pastime relies on manual labor to sustain itself, it’s often the work of the dedicated few that benefit the many. One of those few is Derrick Bell, a lifelong mountain biker and trail builder from Oakridge, Oregon. Over the last 25 years, Derrick has wielded chainsaws, pulaskis, shovels, and rakes in order to help grow his local mountain bike community. Constantly searching for more efficient ways to dig in the forest, he now transports his tools and fuels with the assistance of an e-mountain bike and bob trailer.



For Ed and Wyn Masters, bikes have been a part of their lives from the very beginning. The dirt jumps the brothers built in their New Plymouth, New Zealand backyard served as an incubator for their now-successful careers in downhill and enduro mountain bike racing. It was also where their ever-competitive sibling rivalry sprouted into a life-long journey of heckling, one-upmanship and occasional trips to the emergency room.

Tools of Empowerment


How Eddy King stood strong and made the comeback of his life Injuries are very much a part of life for competitive cyclists. The weeks, months and sometimes even years required to heal after severe trauma can send even the most hardened humans into a spiral of depression. Yet from pain can come strength, not only to survive but to live life to its very fullest again. After BMX Hall of Famer Eddy King suffered a devastating crash at Big Bear Bike Park in 2013, he spent years fighting his way back to anything resembling normalcy in his life.