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Shimano e-Bike Systems

The e-bike system for CITY, MTB and TREKKING

For all who love to cycle, get outdoors, and put a premium on healthy living. Commute to work, ride long distances or explore the outdoors. SHIMANO STEPS will give you that extra push. Wherever you're going.



The intelligent, silent and easy to use e-bike system

For all you commuters and urbanites out there: hop on your e-bike and feel the sun on your face as it streams through the streets and fills you with energy. Cruise through town on a single charge for days. If you’re in a hurry to meet friends, SHIMANO STEPS will give you that extra push. Cycle to work and pass traffic jams without exhausting yourself. Wherever you’re going, SHIMANO STEPS gets you there fresh. 


The intuitive e-MTB system for ultimate fun and freedom

With SHIMANO STEPS MTB you can ride further, faster and longer, while still training your fitness and honing your skills. It’s for you trail chasers out there. Ride down forest paths or along mountain ridges and breath in the scent of freedom. SHIMANO STEPS MTB makes climbing easy. It’s light for easy handling. And it levels the field for riders of all skill levels. Taking you to places you couldn’t previously reach.


The ultimate e-bike system for premium adventure

It’s for you adventurers out there - bridging endless distances on your trekking bike. Stronger than the city version, SHIMANO STEPS Trekking is the new standard in adventurous e-bike performance. Head into nature and experience the thrill of covering long distances on rougher terrain – without busting your lungs. Test your skills on gravel paths and forest roads and still end your day full of energy.


An e-bike for everyone



Easily maneuver through city traffic. SHIMANO STEPS CITY is the lightweight system to cater everybody’s needs. Call it a smart commute: ease past the morning congestion, work on your waistline and arrive at your desk fresh and full of energy.


Designed for premium adventure. With SHIMANO STEPS Trekking you can go further thanks to the large capacity battery and intelligent power management. Experience the extra power, ride long distances and give your health a boost.


The all-new SHIMANO STEPS MTB components deliver maximum enjoyment at whatever effort level you desire. This means you can extend your riding potential to explore new grounds and conquer new horizons. Together with friends and family.

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Features & Benefits

Go further while saving energy


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Built on cycling history

Carefully crafted over a century

Shimano e-Bike Systems follow a long line of Shimano innovations. These cycling industry game-changers date back to 1921, the year we introduced our freewheel. Want to learn all about our other interesting key inventions that influence today’s e-Bike Systems?

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