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Carefully crafted over a century

Built on cycling history

Shimano e-Bike Systems

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Today’s impact of our century-old freewheel

— 1921 —

Shimano e-Bike Systems are pure ingenuity. The first of its kind, in fact! It’s hard to imagine that it all started a century ago with one man’s dream. He was 26-year-old Shozaburo Shimano from Japan. He called his new company Shimano Iron Works. Discover how his innovations dating back to 1921 continue to impact our daily lives.  

Shimano’s establishment as an innovator in the bicycle industry started with its freewheel introduction a century ago. Since then, Shimano has generated a wave of innovation and integration that continues straight through to the present day. Among the current technological advancements are its Shimano e-Bike Systems. Not only are they the first of their kind brought to market, but they also incorporate Shimano’s freewheel technology. By striving to remain at the forefront of the industry, we keep the spirit of our Shimano ancestors alive and thriving.  

Shimano’s gearing creations come full circle 

In 1956, Shimano developed their first external gear shifter, now referred to as a derailleur. It was a real game-changer in the industry. But it was only the start of a series of innovations that led to our automatic shifting, which is the first of its kind. 

Automatic shifting is built on Shimano’s extensive 60+ years of technological advancements in gearing. While our derailleur was our first gearing innovation, it sparked our drive to push forward in creating the ultimate in simplicity and reliability when it comes to changing gears. Our Di2 automatic shifting is now integrated into SHIMANO STEPS e-Bike systems. It functions so easily, that you forget about all the work that’s gone into it.    

45 years of pro-cycling innovations

Since 1973, we’ve been trickling technologies developed for pro cyclists down through all our groupsets. This is quite a significant detail considering over 80% of the 2017 Tour de France’s peloton rode on Shimano groupsets. In this way, everyone benefits – from world champions to those battling it out with friends on their Sunday morning rides. When you ride a bike equipped with our Shimano e-Bike System, you’ll feel as if the pro peloton is right there beside you to offer their support.

SHIMANO STEPS E6100 is our e-Bike system that you will be inspired to ride day after day. With every pedal stroke, you can almost feel the half-century of hard work that went into perfecting it. Whether you’re weaving through traffic, exploring the countryside or meeting friends at a café, you’ll feel as though you’re one with your bike – just like the pros when they’re zipping around with numbers pinned on their backs. 


35 years of leading the MTB charge

Back in the 70s, some pioneers out of Marin County, California freewheeled down the Mount Tamalpais trails on overhauled cruisers fondly referred to as klunkers. Mountain bikes were yet to be developed. Soon after, in 1982, Shimano released the first ever dedicated MTB groupset (Deore XT) to accommodate this new style of cycling. Shimano steadily built on this groupset, constantly incorporating new technological advancements to remain the undisputed leader in mountain-bike drivetrains. Using many of these same innovative technologies, Shimano came out with the first ever dedicated E-MTB system.

SHIMANO STEPS MTB lets you experience that same excitement as those guys back in the 70s. It’s that feeling of total freedom to push limits and go further than ever before. Built on Shimano’s extensive MTB componentry know-how, it is your trusty partner from your first pedal stroke to getting you back home. But be forewarned, not only will you be inspired to take the long way home but you’ll find yourself wanting to hit those trails the next day as well.   


HQs Worldwide

With the aim of supporting more cyclists, Shimano opened its first overseas headquarters in 1965 in New York. Since then, we’ve established HQs on almost every continent. Thanks to our gigantic network of dealers associated with all our strategically placed HQs, you can easily find support for your SHIMANO STEPS equipped e-bike wherever your two-wheeled adventures take you. It’s simply mind-blowing to imagine that it all grew from a 40-square-meter room in Japan a century ago.


Nowadays, with so many resources for expert assistance scattered around the world, you now have the freedom to travel just about anywhere your heart desires. Wherever you go, we’ll always be nearby to offer a helping hand. The world is now yours… all that’s left is for you to go out and take it!   


Shimano e-Bike Systems

First Shimano e-Bike System

After extensive research and development, coupled with many decades worth of experience and innovations, Shimano finally introduced an e-Bike System in the market. SHIMANO STEPS (Shimano Total Electric Power System) quickly gained popularity and remains number one in performance, quality and reliability. To go from freewheel a century ago to #1 leader in the bike industry is no small feat. As our e-Bike Systems prove, we will continue to push the innovations envelope to the end of time. 

Our two SHIMANO STEPS e-Bike Systems are, E6100 (city and trekking) and E8000 (MTB). Both are built on full century of successful technology-driven solutions and innovations. This is something that you cannot only see but you can feel it when you take it for a spin. The thrill you get from riding it is unparalleled. It’s something to be experienced, because, heck, 100 years is a lot to incorporate into a product! 


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