Maintenance & Repair


How to keep my e-bike in top condition?
Visit your SHIMANO STEPS dealer where a qualified expert will be happy to go over a maintenance routine with you.

How to store my e-bike?
Store your e-bike in a dry environment kept at room temperature. If planning on storing it for longer than six months, you’ll need to take extra care of the battery:

  • Store battery in a cool, indoor location with stable temperature between approximately 10 to 20°C
  • No direct exposure to sunlight or rain
  • Charge battery to around 70% before storing
  • Every six months, charge the battery back up to around 70%  
  • Before using the battery again, charge it completelyHow often do I bring my e-bike to a shop for maintenance?

How often do I bring my e-bike to a shop for maintenance?
Assuming you are performing routine maintenance at home, you should visit your local SHIMANO STEPS dealer at least once a year for a full maintenance. But if you notice anything before then that may need attention, visit your dealer right away.

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How to find my nearest dealer for questions / purchase of a SHIMANO STEPS bike?
Find dealers near you by using our dealer locator.

What if a dealer won’t work on my SHIMANO STEPS bike bought elsewhere?
If possible, go back to the location of purchase. Otherwise, please try a different dealer or contact us directly for help in finding one.  

How to contact us with SHIMANO STEPS-related questions?
You can contact us via Facebook.

How to keep updated on the latest SHIMANO STEPS news and updates?
Stay informed by subscribing to our newsletter via this page.