General information


SHIMANO STEPS is Shimano’s e-bike system. STEPS stands for SHIMANO Total Electric Power System. Shimano incorporates its extensive experience and success in bike componentry into the creation of its premium e-bike systems.

Does SHIMANO STEPS make e-bikes?
Shimano does not make e-bikes. We only produce the e-bike systems as well as complete drivetrains that work seamlessly with our systems. Take a look here to discover which bike brands in your country incorporate SHIMANO STEPS.

Can I purchase a SHIMANO STEPS system?
SHIMANO STEPS is only sold pre-installed on bicycles that are uniquely built to incorporate SHIMANO STEPS technology. SHIMANO STEPS cannot be purchased separately for self-installation. If you own a SHIMANO STEPS e-bike and need spare parts, visit your SHIMANO STEPS dealer. Your dealer can also arrange for an experienced mechanic to replace them for you.

How fast does a SHIMANO STEPS equipped e-bike go?
All e-bikes in the EU provide support up to 25 km/h, a speed limit imposed by EU law. As long as the e-bike’s support adheres to this limit, it is considered a normal bike. 


Can I install SHIMANO STEPS on any bike?
No. SHIMANO STEPS only works on frames specifically designed by the bike manufacturer to work with this system. To see which bike brands are working with SHIMANO STEPS, take a look here.

Can I replace my bike’s e-bike system with SHIMANO STEPS?
If your current e-bike is not equipped with SHIMANO STEPS, you cannot make this replacement.


How to find bikes with SHIMANO STEPS?
SHIMANO STEPS is only sold pre-installed on bikes. To discover which bike brands in your country offer bikes equipped with SHIMANO STEPS, check out the list here.

Where to buy SHIMANO STEPS equipped bikes?
You can buy a SHIMANO STEPS equipped bike at your preferred SHIMANO STEPS dealer. Find dealers here.

Test rides

Where to test SHIMANO STEPS equipped bikes?
If you want to try a SHIMANO STEPS equipped bike, you can go to your local SHIMANO STEPS dealer or go to one of the SHIMANO STEPS test events across Europe.

Road Rules

Where can I ride my SHIMANO STEPS equipped bike?
You can ride SHIMANO STEPS equipped bikes in all areas where a normal bike may ride.  

Does my e-bike require license or registration?
SHIMANO STEPS e-bikes require no driver’s license or registration. 


What is the SHIMANO STEPS warranty?
SHIMANO STEPS comes with a warranty period of two years.  


Is the SHIMANO STEPS system waterproof?
Yes, the SHIMANO STEPS system is waterproof for use under normal riding conditions, including heavy rain. Please do not use a high pressure washer to clean your bike.


Can I tune my SHIMANO STEPS to increase the power-assist speed limit?
Due to strict regulations governing e-bikes, it is neither allowed nor recommended to alter the speed of your SHIMANO STEPS e-bike. The regulations are set in place to avoid dangerous situations.

Di2 shifting

What is Di2 shifting?
Di2 is Shimano’s electronic shifting system. The advantage of Di2 is faster, smoother shifting with minimal effort. When installed on a SHIMANO STEPS equipped city / comfort e-bike, you also benefit from auto shift functions. 

How to upgrade my SHIMANO STEPS e-bike to Di2 shifting?
You will need to consult with your SHIMANO STEPS dealer to make this happen. Their qualified mechanic will need to adjust your system’s original settings to make it work seamlessly with Di2.