Software & Updates


What is E-Tube?
E-Tube is the software you need to make a connection to your bike. All info can be found on the E-Tube projects website.

E-Tube Ride

What is E-Tube Ride?
E-Tube Ride is an app that allows you to use your smartphone to monitor real-time speed, distance, range, power-assist levels and more… All info can be found on the E-Tube page.

Which Shimano e-Bike Systems are compatible with E-Tube Ride?
E-Tube Ride is compatible with E5000, E6100 and E7000. It is not compatible with E8000.

Firmware updates

Where to find the latest firmware updates?
You can find the latest firmware releases on the E-Tube projects website.

Smartphone pairing

Why won’t my smartphone pair with the SHIMANO STEPS system? 
Some smartphones with older Firmware are unfortunately not compatible for pairing. If this is not the case, follow these instructions: 

1.        Delete Bluetooth profiles on your mobile device 
2.        Switch your mobile device off, then on 
3.        Press the battery’s power button off, then on