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05 April 2021

Everyday heroes

There are heroes out there helping people day in, day out, and for some, like Mélanie, an e-bike system can revolutionize the way they commute into gridlocked cities

Times are changing. Huge numbers of people are rejecting traveling by car or public transport as a means of getting to work for many different reasons. Whether it’s to increase fitness, help the environment, save money, or simply because, in many cases, it’s quicker, city dwellers across the world are ditching travel cards for two wheels, and those numbers have increased significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Mélanie, a home-care nurse from Lyon, is one such commuter. Her job means she needs to navigate her way around at speed in order to visit her patients located in different parts of the city. And she does it all by bike.

“Being on my bike makes my day much simpler,” she says. “It allows me to take more time with each patient – more than I could before I was biking. It also means that I don’t need to worry about rushing with the patient I’m with in order to arrive on time for the next one.”

Once on the bike, Mélanie flies through the streets. “The journey time between each patient no longer makes me anxious,” she says. Now, she can easily bypass streets blocked with traffic, utilize shortcuts through narrow alleyways, make the most of more direct cycle lanes and easily stop to refuel with much-needed snacks or lunch in one of the city’s picturesque parks. Not only is she fitter and healthier but she’s also less stressed during the working day.

Like many, once she began commuting by bike and experienced the freedom it gave her and the long list of other benefits, she’s never looked back. “It also allows me to get some fresh air and it helps clear my head,” she says. “It makes me feel good.”

Mélanie’s patients depend on her to reach them, and so she in turn depends on her bike to get her there. And SHIMANO’s EP8 e-bike system helps her beat the rat race and get around the city from sunrise to sunset. The power assist gives her a boost if her energy is flagging, or she can choose to ride in Eco mode to save on battery while cruising the streets.

Then, on the weekends, she can be found on the trails, where her days of avoiding traffic make way for days of shredding the trails and avoiding the odd mountain goat.

Power-assisted by EP8, she can continue to log the miles off-road after a week of riding on-road. And thanks to the E-TUBE PROJECT App she can set up one profile for her commute and one for her weekend trails, meaning she can switch between set-ups via a simple click on her smartphone or tablet.

And unlike most, when the weekend is over Mélanie gets back on her bike first thing on a Monday morning, changes her ride profile and heads into the city for another busy day at work.