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03 May 2021

Would you take the bus or your bike?

You are meeting friends across town after work for a drink. Would you take the bus or your bike? If you answered ‘bus’, let us change your mind!

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What if the bike was quicker? You don’t have to be super fit to whizz through city streets; you don’t even need to break a sweat to beat the bus! And traffic jams, what traffic jams? What if it was cleaner and greener whilst making you healthier and happier? No germs and no fumes, just your body getting stronger as your mind gets clearer.

SHIMANO’s EP8 motor makes this all possible. It is lightweight at just 2.6kg, powerful with 85Nm torque, and with silky smooth shifting even under load.  The EP8 gives a natural ride feel that will have you breeze up the climbs, sail away from junctions and nimbly manoeuvre through the streets.

No timetables, no tickets, and no circuitous routes or interminable stops. Instead, you take control of your journey and the health of yourself and the world around you.

So, are you convinced?