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Choosing pedals and shoes for your e-bike commute to work

There are many benefits to using e-bike specific shoes and pedals to commute to work. Choosing the right pair depends on your riding style, how you want to dress and what you need to do at the end of the ride. We guide you through the options.

Advice on how to choose the best shoes and pedal combinations to suit your e-bike commute to work

Your shoes and pedals are the interface between you and your bike, the right combination can help with comfort, bike control and ensure none of your leg power is wasted as you push down on the pedals. Choosing your shoe and pedal combination is based on your riding style, and what you want to do when you get off your bike.

Why use e-bike shoes and pedals?

Shoes and pedals are your connection with your bike, when you push down on the pedals your shoe and pedal together provide a stable platform to transfer your power and aid control. Shoes need to offer support for foot comfort and a secure grip on the pedals so that you are confident that your feet won’t slip as you apply power to the pedal. A very soft shoe that flexes is inefficient as it absorbs some of the energy from your pedal stroke,  so less of your effort is pushing the pedals round. At SHIMANO we use a scientific approach to design that’s based on a century’s worth of cycling innovations, to ensure that our shoes and pedals are both efficient, comfortable to use and look great, on or off the bike.

Choosing e-bike shoes and pedals for commuting

Are you planning on ripping up the urban side streets or sedately pedalling to your office? Does your work require you to look smart or are you in a more casual environment?  There are a few things to consider before buying shoes and pedals; your riding style, whether you need to wear your shoes off the bike and whether you want to ride flat pedals or clipped in.

Flat pedals provide a grippy platform that you can use with any shoe, including your own office shoes if you work in a formal environment. It means you don’t have to worry about taking spare shoes and for short urban journeys they are an easy, practical solution. These flat pedals for every day riding are a great choice.

The other option is to ride clipped in, this style of pedal features a binding that clips to a cleat on the sole of your cycling specific shoe making a stable connection between you and your bike. Your feet are firmly attached to the pedals but easily released with a quick flick of the heel. They are great for bike control and pedalling efficiency, so ideal for longer rides and more challenging terrain. A great multipurpose option that allows you to use both flat shoes and cycling specific shoes are these dual-sided pedals, with CLICK’R binding on one side and grippy flat platform on the other.  

E-bike riding shoes

Flat pedals mean you can use pretty much any choice of footwear, but a cycling specific shoe with a stiffer sole for efficient energy transfer and a secure fit will make your ride more comfortable and ensure you remain in full control. When it comes to urban e-bike commuting shoes, you don’t need to compromise between function and fashion. We’ve used our Shimano Pedaling Science to create e-bike flat shoes that work on and off the bike and always look great. You can wear them all-day, whether on the bike, in the office or heading out to a café or bar by bike.

For those riding clipped-in the options are limited to bike specific shoes that can fit the cleat that clips into your pedals. There are loads of styles to choose from depending on your type of riding, but for commuting to work and the urban environment mountain touring are a versatile option. These shoes are designed to be stiff enough for pedalling efficiency but allow enough flexibility in the sole for walking comfort, so you can enjoy a stroll around town before hopping back on your bike. 

It’s no exaggeration to say that using e-bike shoes and pedals will transform your cycling experience with the grip, power and control they offer, compared with just wearing your ordinary casual shoes. There are loads to choose from whether you want a conservative look that will fit in at work or a brighter casual style that looks good on the street. Head to our selection of shoes, choose your style, and get pedalling!