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28 February 2018

Dealers vote Shimano best e-drive supplier

New dealer survey shows that Shimano ranks as the top e-bike supplier for the second year running.

No one knows e-bikes better than e-bike dealers. Every day they service thousands of them. They can see which e-bike systems are the most reliable, which need the least amount of servicing, and which warranty handling and customer service is the most effective. SHIMANO, and our partner Paul Lange & Co., came out top again in a survey of 400 e-bike dealers, proving that it the safest choice for product quality, customer service, servicing, maintenance cost and warranty.

The independent survey is carried out every year by SAZbike, the e-bike industry magazine in Germany. It ranks 11 e-drive manufacturers according to a set criteria of performance over the past 12 months.

So how do the rankings work? Suppliers can be given marks in six categories, from 1 (very good) to 6 (unsatisfactory). The overall average score is calculated from the six individual scores.  A manufacturer must have at least 25 ratings to be listed. The six categories are: product quality, complaints handling, service, training, maintenance costs and batteries.

Shimano best for product quality and after-sales service

Shimano works closely with its partner Paul Lange & Co. to achieve an outstanding level of service. This has resulted in Shimano coming top in four categories and second in two, which is an improvement on last year’s results. In fact, Shimano’s overall score was one of the few to rise with an average score of 1.73, compared to 1.87 the year before.

The results show that when you buy Shimano, you’re buying more than the best e-bike system. You’re also buying piece of mind.

Not only is the SHIMANO STEPS system outstandingly reliable, but the after-sales service is as well. With our network of trained dealers and service engineers, backed up by a superb part and warranty system.

Shimano’s German partner – the Paul Lange team in Stuttgart – is key to managing this operation. They support dealers with training and answer any questions regarding warranty, handling and delivery of new products.

We want to continue to improve in every area, so you can concentrate on cycling and enjoy the scenery, without looking down and worrying about your bike.