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Extend your e-MTB rides with SHIMANO STEPS

Learn how to get more mileage per charge as all top factors affecting e-MTB reach are put to the test

In the middle of almost every exciting e-MTB adventure, one question always comes to mind. How much longer can I ride before the battery runs out? Well, here’s your chance to determine for yourself how far you can really push the boundaries before you have to head back home.

Focus Bikes recently conducted field research to test all top factors that can influence e-MTB reach. By knowing how each factor can affect your reach, you’ll be best prepared to work with them to get max distance and fun out of your rides.


Test: For this study, Focus Bikes used three riders, varying in 25 kg combined rider/bike weight increments. They set their SHIMANO STEPS systems to Eco mode and had them ride together until their batteries were emptied.

Findings: While weight clearly affected reach, with the heaviest rider falling 8+ km short of the lightest rider’s distance, it was not the great difference that had been expected. After a bit more investigation, Focus Bikes uncovered that the act of riding in a group had more of an impact than rider weight. When riders adapt their speeds to match the slowest in the group, they automatically push less on the pedals. This causes the motor to work harder to support the rider – thus minimising reach.

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Test: To test the effects of temperature on e-MTB reach, Focus Bikes had the same rider complete two different test runs in a climate chamber – one run in -5° C, the other in +25° C. In both tests, the rider set his SHIMANO STEPS system to Boost mode – the strongest support level – and ran it until the battery was empty.

Findings: The rider got 8 km further in the warm environment, a whopping 18% increase in range. While it may appear that the e-MTB system functions more effectively in warmer climates, it was determined by Focus Bikes that actually the temperature of the battery at the start of the ride is what most influences its reach.

Tip: Be sure to store and charge your battery indoors during freezing temperatures to get the max possible reach out of your bike.

Taking proper care of your battery can also extend its life.

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Assist mode

Test: Focus Bikes used one rider to complete one test run in each of the SHIMANO STEPS system’s 3 assist modes: Eco (lowest support), Trail (mid-level support) and Boost (highest support). 

Findings: The test clearly showed that Eco mode gets you nearly twice the distance compared to Boost mode, but at the cost of 4+ km/h in average speed. 

Tip: By smartly mixing all modes, you can extend your playtime while keeping the fun factor high. 

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Test: Focus Bikes had one rider, with e-MTB set to Boost mode, complete two test runs on one defined track. The first took the rider down the gravel road, and up the singletrack. The second was the other way around, down the singletrack first, then up the gravel road.

Result: As each test run netted similar results, Focus Bikes has figured out that riding style influences reach more than terrain. Riding up a singletrack trail in comparison to a gravel road requires more body work, which means less work for the motor. But descending a singletrack trail is more work for the motor due to the constant pushing and pedaling.

Tip: No matter your chosen terrain, SHIMANO STEPS is there to work for you straight through to your very last pedal stroke. Find out how

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