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Five reasons for riding an e-bike to work

Riding an e-Bike can revolutionise your daily commute, not only will you get to work on time but you will arrive feeling healthier, wealthier and even happier!

1. Improve your health

Riding an e-bike is good for you! With different power modes you are in control of how much effort you put in, so you can work hard or take it easy. And even though the smooth, powerful pedal assist makes cycling feel like a breeze you will still be contributing some of the pedal power. Cycling, even on e-bike, helps to strengthen your heart, improve your lung capacity and help improve your leg strength. In fact, research has shown that e-bikes encourage riders to go further and ride more often, because it feels easy and fun! 

2. Stress less

Fed up of tapping your fingers on the steering wheel while stuck in traffic or waiting for another delayed train? Riding an e-bike puts you in control of your time, you can leave when you want and your arrival time is predictable as traffic queues won’t slow you down. An e-bike gives you a flexible and reliable way to commute and knowing there won’t be any hold-ups removes all the stress from your daily journey. This, alongside the pleasure of being outside, social interaction and the benefits of exercise such as mental alertness explains why cyclists are consistently the happiest commuters.

3. Save money

Who wants to pay to go to work? Surely, there are more fun things to spend your money on! Once you have made the initial outlay to buy your e-bike and kit there is very little cost associated with daily cycle commuting. With an e-bike you won’t need to pay for bus or train tickets, there is no need for expensive city centre car parking, and you won’t need to spend money on fuel to put in your car. Your bike needs to be charged regularly but the only fuel an e-bike rider needs is cake and coffee, so treat yourself with the money you save.

4. Ride further, faster

Using our intuitive pedal assist system feels like riding an ordinary bike but when you need it there is extra power to help with the changes in terrain and to help get you quickly back up to speed if you need to stop. This means that for the same amount of physical input you can travel further and faster, making longer commutes and more challenging gradients completely possible, even on a daily basis. If you thought riding to work would be too far or too hard for you an e-bike allows you to think again.

5. Sweat less

If you need to present a professional image in your work place you may worry that riding a bike will leave you a sweaty mess, or you’ll need to get changed once you get to the office, but this isn’t the case with an e-bike taking the strain. With different power assist modes, you can pedal as hard or as easy as you like, so you can casually cruise your way into work and maintain a good speed, even if it gets a little hilly. Offering a power boost whenever you need it an e-bike ensures you never need to break a sweat.