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10 May 2021

How SHIMANO STEPS helps power Husqvarna urban bikes

Husqvarna e-bicycles are of direct lineage from one of the world’s oldest motorbike manufacturers. Like SHIMANO they have over 100-years of experience in two-wheeled transport so together we really know how to ensure e-bike riders have the best experience.

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Husqvarna have a vision of transforming the city with pedal assist personal urban transport. Their low-framed Eco City and Gran Urban bikes allow you to flow through the city differently. These bikes are light enough to manoeuvre through traffic and busy streets, yet powerful and comfortable enough to take on the challenge of exploring new parts of town.

The low frame design is perfect for easily hopping on and off your bike between destinations and it allows you to comfortably wear whatever you want, whether you want to look professional in the office or stylish down-town. The rack mount gives extra carrying capacity and is suitable for adding a child-seat so you can confidently and safely cycle with your family or simply pick-up your groceries.

Complimenting Husqvarna’s bike design is SHIMANO STEPS drive-unit to give you a completely natural ride-feel with responsive, intuitive pedal-assist when you need it. A Shimano display and Shimano componentry creates a seamless connection so nothing detracts from your enjoyment and exploration of city-life.