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28 January 2021

Maintain your dream with the right maintenance

Whatever you are up to, we know what you are thinking about. It is in the back of your head; the idea of getting outside and biking around town. All urban bike lovers will recognize this feeling. So, you don’t have to suppress it. Just let your mind drift off to that awesome road near you. Daydream about effortlessly biking up that bridge and rolling down on the other side. Daydream about hitting wave after wave of green lights. Imagine the wind in your face. Imagine the silence surrounding you.

Feels good, right?

Now hold that thought. Think about your bike at that very moment. Think about all the different parts of your bike. In your fantasy everything is running smoothly, right? Like the day that you got your bike, and took it out for the first time. You’re not alone. Nobody dreams about riding a bike that doesn’t feel as good as new. The good news is, the feeling of  #newbikeday is closer than you think.

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Let’s skip right to the moment that you’re actually on your bike. At that moment we want you to feel at ease. Nothing is on your mind except the journey ahead of you. Your bike should add to this journey, by making the entire experience enjoyable and comfortable. At Shimano we want you to enjoy biking as much possible. And at the same time we want you to have absolute trust and confidence in your bike; confident that your gears, chain or brake pads will never let you down, no matter what road you are on.

Everything above, and that feeling you just felt? That’s well within reach. All it takes is a little maintenance and the right parts. Don’t compromise when choosing new parts. The best way to sustain the perfect collaboration between parts that we achieved with System Engineering, is to replace used Shimano original parts with new Shimano original parts.

Going for a ride soon? First check which parts need maintenance! It’s always better to replace parts before they are worn out. Go out there with your bike feeling as good as new. With new Shimano Original parts, every day will feel like #newbikeday! If you need help, get support from your closest Shimano dealer or Shimano Service Center.