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SHIMANO STEPS E5000 series brings more affordability to commuting by e-bike so the car can be left at home.

SHIMANO is excited to introduce its most affordable yet lightest e-bike system yet. SHIMANO STEPS E5000 City/Comfort Series is designed specifically to lend a firm helping hand to urban commutes. It smoothly supports both you and your baggage anywhere you need to go. Whether it’s to work, riding the kids to school or going for a spin with your friends, the E5000 offers the ideal level of support thanks to its fully customizable power-assist. Packaged in a smart, subtle design, it allows your e-bike to handle just like a normal bike while making your travel that much easier. With integrated drivetrain and power-assist, the E5000 series is built for pure comfort. 

Powering your ride

The E5000 drive unit generates an efficient 40Nm of torque to handle your workload, which can certainly come in handy after a long day at the office. We incorporate innovative motor technologies into a virtually silent lightweight drive unit (2.5kg, 380g less than other SHIMANO STEPS drive units) for a smooth, powerful yet natural riding experience. When combined with either battery options of 504 Wh or 418 Wh (watt-hour), your e-bike will nicely get you where you need to go – on time and sweat-free! Helping to effectively deliver all this power is our durable square-axle bottom bracket. It is specifically designed to handle the rigors of city-based riding.

Info display

Crucial information from the drive unit such as speed or remaining battery, is displayed either on the standard SHIMANO display unit or, if you prefer, on your third-party cycling computer or smartphone. These third-party options can be set up using the new E-TUBE RIDE app and EW-EN100 junction. Or for truly simple riding with minimal fuss, just use the junction alone which displays battery life and support mode only. 

Drivetrain options

SHIMANO STEPS is available with external gearing or with internal gear hubs ALFINE Inter-11/8 speed, NEXUS Inter-8/7 speed or our new dedicated e-bike hub called NEXUS Inter-5E. The NEXUS Inter-5E is a revolutionary internal gear hub designed specifically for the unique demands of e-bike riding. It also offers an enormous 263% gear range with optional automatic shifting. Brake options with the NEXUS Inter-5E IHG include the Disc brake, Roller brake, Coaster brake and V-Brake models. All internal hub systems are compatible with the GATES belt system.

For riders preferring external gears, there is choice between electronic 11-speed shifting with Di2-compatible rear derailleur, or mechanical 9-, 10- or 11-speed shifting with compatible mechanical rear derailleur.


The SHIMANO STEPS E5000 components can be expected in stores from late-November onwards.