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Urban life hacks for e-bike commuters

Mornings can be rushed so take the stress out of your commute to work by riding an e-bike. With a little bit of planning and organisation your e-bike journey to work can be simple, fun and interesting. With these urban life hacks you will arrive at work on time and feel energized for your day ahead. Now wouldn’t that be refreshing?

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Always check the weather

Look at the day ahead so you can choose the right clothing to feel warm, comfortable and dry. Pack a lightweight waterproof jacket so even if the weather changes you never get caught out. On warm days have a bottle of water on your bike so you can stay hydrated and keep your energy levels up. 

Plan your route

You can use phone apps to plot a safe route through the city and follow it as you ride. As you start to learn your neighbourhood better it’s good to vary your routes. You will learn many new things about the place you live as your bike can take you places that you wouldn’t otherwise go. Instead of just getting to work, the journey can become a fun part of your day.

Adjust your mode to your mood

With an e-bike you can ride as fast as you desire, with no need to perspire. You can cycle to work without building up a sweat or needing a shower. You can choose your mode to reflect how much energy you want to put in, so you can take it easy or give yourself a workout. Eco-mode offers constant gentle support and helps you get the best range from your battery, but when you get to the hills choose Boost-mode to make them feel easy.

Make charging a habit

When you get home from work everyone has their routines; kettle on and keys hung up. Add battery charging to the list so that when you step through the door you remember to plug in your battery for a top-up so it is always ready to go the next morning.

Ready to transform your mornings from stress to simple? Head to your nearest Shimano dealer to test ride an e-bike.